Practice, non-attachment, and equanimity

Life is all about training and practice. Training and practice for what, or to become what? To be the best possible version of oneself, in whichever aspects one decides on in this life. Training and practice must be accompanied by discernment, a balanced and clear view of what it is, without a bond or attachment to […]

Mind like clear water

What is meditation? Meditation is training the mind. Training the mind to become what? To become still. In the stillness, all the ripples are gone, the mud in the water settles down, then the mind becomes like clear water. In this clarity, we can see things as they are, transparent, and we are at home with […]

Inner revolution

The seventh post of Live Your Legend blog challenge: “What revolution will you lead?” Definition of revolution from a sudden, complete or marked change in something. So in other words this question is similar with the previous prompt “What difference do you want to make?” but with more power and more urgency. Last week […]