Thought to destiny

This is something I heard in a lecture recently. Thought drives action. Action forms habit. Habit creates character. Character becomes destiny. ~ Swami Dhanurdhara So the notion “Change your thoughts, change your destiny” is actually correct, because thought becomes action, action becomes habit, habit becomes character, and character determines destiny. The key here is the process in […]

Inner revolution

The seventh post of Live Your Legend blog challenge: “What revolution will you lead?” Definition of revolution from a sudden, complete or marked change in something. So in other words this question is similar with the previous prompt “What difference do you want to make?” but with more power and more urgency. Last week […]

Difference I want to make

Sixth post of the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge, the writing prompt is “What difference do you want to make?” I had to take a step back and ask myself “Do I want to make a difference? Why?” Do I? Nothing is permanent and everything is perpetually changing anyway, nothing is static, even if I don’t […]