Hi! I'm Silvia, a yoga teacher based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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I started practicing yoga as a way to manage my health & stress from living as a corporate employee. I experienced the benefits of yoga first hand, and drawn to began to study yoga more seriously. I started teaching yoga part time while still working an office job. I left the corporate world in 2015 and began teaching yoga more. Now I’m sharing the goodness of yoga to others full time.


I believe that yoga is for everyone, and physical prowess or flexibility is not needed to start practicing yoga. I believe regular yoga practice will benefit everyone. It is a doorway to health, wellbeing, and so much more.


My passion in yoga led me to lifelong study of the subject, with special interest in spirituality, philosophy, and therapy. My main certifications of yoga are from Satyananda Yoga Academy (Bihar School of Yoga), Byron Yoga Australia, and Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation India.


Depending on your needs & situation, I can teach yoga both in individual or group setting. My clients range from young adults to seniors, the oldest age I taught is 80 years. In individual sessions, the practice is tailored specifically for you, so it is recommended for those with special needs. 


Yoga is not only about performing asana, but about being in harmony within and with the outside.

Yoga is an ancient science that can help improve quality of life, support healing process, and foster spiritual growth.


Client Testimonials

Being trusted to teach & assist someone in their journey towards wellbeing is precious.
Here’s some feedback from my clients.

When I started yoga with Silvia, I was convinced that I could never feel this good again. I absolutely cannot recommend Silvia more highly. She has had a profoundly positive impact on my life and well-being.

Lydia Ruddy

Jakarta, Indonesia

Silvia’s well-rounded knowledge and experience of yoga allow her to pass on this beautiful practice to students, including the beginners. I wish more people would benefit from yoga by having a teacher like Silvia.

Mulyadi Oey
Mulyadi on Medium

My private yoga classes with Silvia are the highlight of my week. When I started out with her, I was experiencing trouble with acid reflux, general stomach upset, and grounding. Together, we did some intense grounding and cooling practices that addressed my problems and it took only a couple of sessions to start feeling better.

Christel Veraart

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Don’t be shy, say hello!

If you have questions about your wellbeing and wondering if yoga can help, shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you soon!