The journey of one’s learning is often shaped by the first teacher whom s/he met. In my case of learning yoga, Silvia is my first (private) teacher.

Silvia helped me to appreciate yoga, not only about doing yoga. Albeit my limited knowledge about the practice, she thought me on how to embrace each movement holistically — its ideal form, the synchronization rhythm with the breath, and the common pitfalls. She also took care of adjusting the intensity and speed of the routine to adapt to each student’s personal physical condition. For example, I have a not-so-healthy right knee due to an unsuccessful surgery. Thus, her advice to engage my knee first before placing it down onto the mat allowed me to better take up knees-on-mat routines. Perhaps it’s a piece of simple advice, but a considerate one.

Silvia’s well-rounded knowledge and experience of yoga allow her to pass on this beautiful practice to students, including the beginners. I wish more people would benefit from yoga by having a teacher like Silvia.

Mulyadi, Jakarta

About Silvia

I'm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ex-marketing manager converted into full-time wellness enthusiast. I consider myself as forever a student of yoga, sometimes a teacher. I'm into yoga, spirituality, health & wellbeing, reading, and running.

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