Absolutely the BEST yoga teacher ever!

I have been practicing yoga since 1991 and have worked with dozens of yoga teachers and have known many amazing ones.  But none like Silvia. 

Over a year and a half ago I had been experiencing debilitating neck and shoulder pain along with constant migraines.  I had allowed myself to get out of shape and was also going through menopause.  I was not sleeping at night and I became desperate. 

I know how to do yoga on my own, but decided that I should try to work with someone who could help me develop a new practice.  Luckily I found Silvia.  She was very patient and gentle, guiding me through a long period when I was not able to do much physically, and emotionally I was pretty negative. 

She combined many types of yoga along with a deep knowledge of how the body works (musculature, ligaments, bones) to develop a practice that is  aligned to the needs and limitations of my aging body.  Using breathing, relaxation, stretching and strengthening – we slowly and steadily started undoing years of accumulated tension and weakness. 

Some days I could barely do anything, so the practice would focus on breathing and relaxation techniques.  Other days I was feeling stronger and we would work on particular groups of muscles to strengthen and elongate.  She constantly monitored how I was doing to make sure that I did not injure myself. 

Now I feel great.  Better than I have in over a decade.  When I started with Silvia, I was convinced that I could never feel this good again.  I absolutely cannot recommend Silvia more highly.  She has had a profoundly positive impact on my life and well-being.  

Lydia, Jakarta

About Silvia

I'm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ex-marketing manager converted into full-time wellness enthusiast. I consider myself as forever a student of yoga, sometimes a teacher. I'm into yoga, spirituality, health & wellbeing, reading, and running.

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