Month: November 2020

yoga from the heart for wellbeing

Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance – Part 2

This is the second part of two-part post on the topic of Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance. Read part 1 here. In the Yogasūtra, Patañjali states: tataḥ-dvandva-anabhigātaḥ yogasūtra 2:48 This sutra came one sūtra after the famous sūtra about āsana; sthira-sukham-āsanam (yogasūtra 2:46). The meaning of this sutra is:(As a consequence of āsana practice), we are…
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Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance – Part 1

16 November is International Day for Tolerance. Jivva, a yoga, meditation & mindfulness community, invited me for a webinar collaboration with the topic of tolerance. Before they approached me, I didn’t know that there’s such a thing called ‘International Day for Tolerance’. Turned out it’s been observed since 1995, initiated by The United Nations. The…
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Pillars of a Good Life

There are four pillars of life. When they are all well developed and well balanced, life is good. When they are underdeveloped, life is probably not so good. Whey they are not balanced, if one aspect is much more highly developed than each other, maybe life is pretty good, but not as good as it potentially…
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