How I Jumpstart My Day

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How I Jumpstart My Day

I’d like to share some simple actionable things I do daily to make sure my day goes well. Before I knew the science behind these, I already experienced the effect. Whenever I went outdoors in the morning for some sort of activity (walking/running/cycling) I always felt better; as opposed to if I stayed indoors then the whole day I felt kinda tired and heavy and inclined to laze around the whole day. But I didn’t know the science behind it… until the Huberman Lab podcast.

I first heard Professor Andrew Huberman of the Huberman Lab on various podcasts sometimes last year – and been listening to his own podcasts that he began January this year. He has a way to explain complex science to something I can understand and relate in my own life, my journey to wellbeing, and my yoga teaching.

So here are the two things I do to jumpstart my day, backed by science.

Upon waking up in the morning, after going to the bathroom & drink, I lace up my shoes and go out for a walk around my neighborhood. I usually walk about 30-40 minutes. Sometimes we (me & husband) drive to a running track and I run for about one hour (he usually runs longer). Exercising, specifically, forward movement in the morning helps the release of the appropriate hormones for the day.

This outdoor session doubles as sunlight-viewing activity. Our brain knows time through the eyes and the eyes only, so it’s important to let bright light into our eyes in the morning; this is how the brain knows it is morning. If we stay indoors, the sunlight is filtered through the windows so that it’s not strong enough.

I don’t always do this everyday, but I noticed when I do, I feel better throughout the day, and I get sleepy at the appropriate time, and can easily fall asleep that night. So I try to do it more often, and I aim to do it everyday. On the days when I can’t fit in a walking or running session outdoors, I make sure to at least get out to the balcony to view the morning sunlight.


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