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Sleep – foundation of life

Until I’m six feet under I don’t need a bed Gonna live while I’m alive I’ll sleep when I’m dead from the album Keep the Faith, Bon Jovi Sebuah lagu dari band Bon Jovi. Mungkin para milenial tidak tahu Bon Jovi itu apa atau siapa (hehe langsung merasa tua). Hingga aku ada di liang kubur…
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How I Jumpstart My Day

I’d like to share some simple actionable things I do daily to make sure my day goes well. Before I knew the science behind these, I already experienced the effect. Whenever I went outdoors in the morning for some sort of activity (walking/running/cycling) I always felt better; as opposed to if I stayed indoors then…
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Pillars of a Good Life

There are four pillars of life. When they are all well developed and well balanced, life is good. When they are underdeveloped, life is probably not so good. Whey they are not balanced, if one aspect is much more highly developed than each other, maybe life is pretty good, but not as good as it potentially…
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