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Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance – Part 2

This is the second part of two-part post on the topic of Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance. Read part 1 here. In the Yogasūtra, Patañjali states: tataḥ-dvandva-anabhigātaḥ yogasūtra 2:48 This sutra came one sūtra after the famous sūtra about āsana; sthira-sukham-āsanam (yogasūtra 2:46). The meaning of this sutra is:(As a consequence of āsana practice), we are…
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Yoga, Compassion, & Tolerance – Part 1

16 November is International Day for Tolerance. Jivva, a yoga, meditation & mindfulness community, invited me for a webinar collaboration with the topic of tolerance. Before they approached me, I didn’t know that there’s such a thing called ‘International Day for Tolerance’. Turned out it’s been observed since 1995, initiated by The United Nations. The…
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