yoga from the heart for wellbeing

Being trusted to teach & assist someone in their journey towards wellbeing is very precious.

I’m grateful for these feedback from my private yoga clients.


Absolutely the BEST yoga teacher ever!

I have been practicing yoga since 1991 and have worked with dozens of yoga teachers and have known many amazing ones.  But none like Silvia. 

Over a year and a half ago I had been experiencing debilitating neck and shoulder pain along with constant migraines.  I had allowed myself to get out of shape and was also going through menopause.  I was not sleeping at night and I became desperate. 

I know how to do yoga on my own, but decided that I should try to work with someone who could help me develop a new practice.  Luckily I found Silvia.  She was very patient and gentle, guiding me through a long period when I was not able to do much physically, and emotionally I was pretty negative. 

She combined many types of yoga along with a deep knowledge of how the body works (musculature, ligaments, bones) to develop a practice that is  aligned to the needs and limitations of my aging body.  Using breathing, relaxation, stretching and strengthening – we slowly and steadily started undoing years of accumulated tension and weakness. 

Some days I could barely do anything, so the practice would focus on breathing and relaxation techniques.  Other days I was feeling stronger and we would work on particular groups of muscles to strengthen and elongate.  She constantly monitored how I was doing to make sure that I did not injure myself. 

Now I feel great.  Better than I have in over a decade.  When I started with Silvia, I was convinced that I could never feel this good again.  I absolutely cannot recommend Silvia more highly.  She has had a profoundly positive impact on my life and well-being.  

Lydia Ruddy


My private yoga classes with Silvia are the highlight of my week. When I started out with her, I was experiencing trouble with acid reflux, general stomach upset, and grounding. Together, we did some intense grounding and cooling practices that addressed my problems and it took only a couple of sessions to start feeling better.

Silvia’s emphasis is on discovering harmony of body, mind & soul through movement, breath, and stillness. She introduced me to aspects of yoga I hadn’t experienced before. Being a musician and singer myself, I particularly enjoyed the Hummingbee Breath, called Brahmari Pranayama in Sanskrit.

Although I haven’t had a chance to experience it yet, Silvia introduced me to Kirtan Yoga, a call-and-response style song or chant, set to music wherein multiple singers recite or describe a legend, or discuss spiritual ideas. It would be so much fun to try this out with a group of friends.

Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) was another style of yoga that we touched upon. As you can read, Silvia opened a door to many directions for me, and I am looking forward to more sessions with her in the future. I had taken yoga classes before but never in a private setting, and can highly recommend them for everyone. After each session, I feel relaxed and connected to the earth once more, and looking forward to my next session with her.

Christel Veraart


The journey of one’s learning is often shaped by the first teacher whom s/he met. In my case of learning yoga, Silvia is my first (private) teacher.

Silvia helped me to appreciate yoga, not only about doing yoga. Albeit my limited knowledge about the practice, she thought me on how to embrace each movement holistically — its ideal form, the synchronization rhythm with the breath, and the common pitfalls. She also took care of adjusting the intensity and speed of the routine to adapt to each student’s personal physical condition. For example, I have a not-so-healthy right knee due to an unsuccessful surgery. Thus, her advice to engage my knee first before placing it down onto the mat allowed me to better take up knees-on-mat routines. Perhaps it’s a piece of simple advice, but a considerate one.

Silvia’s well-rounded knowledge and experience of yoga allow her to pass on this beautiful practice to students, including the beginners. I wish more people would benefit from yoga by having a teacher like Silvia.

Mulyadi, Jakarta


Having yoga sessions with Silvia allowed my body to be in the best possible shape. With her, I’m now able to squat for the first time in my life! Thank you Silvia for your guidance.

Russel Huang, Jakarta


I’ve been practicing with Silvia for several years now and have been able to deepen my practice with her guidance. Silvia teaches Yoga-beyond-asana and encourages her students to garner insights from their own experience of the journey. Silvia respects the individual requirements of each practitioner and encourages us to truly connect with ourselves. This approach has enabled me to explore many aspects of yoga that can be brought off the mat and into daily life. I encourage all those looking for a well-rounded, meaningful practice to experience Silvia’s well-seasoned teaching.

Vonny Pawitra, Jakarta


I was new to Yin Yoga when I knew Silvia. I expected asana practices as usual. I was taken by surprise when she identified correctly my conditions just from hearing my body complains at that time. She is so well versed in many aspects of well beings, having her own unique mix of different knowledge.

I benefit so much from the yoga practices with Silvia. Not only she helps to improve immensely my overall well being, but she fills my curiosity to understand my own body, my need to cultivate my mind and my quest of spiritual paths. Her many skills is a real treasure for a yoga teacher and her approach to handling different issues in our body is very therapeutic. She is also very opened to customize the practices to what our body needs.

She is not only a good teacher and therapist, but an exemplary yoga practitioner. We need more teachers like Silvia. Thank you Silvia. You are such a blessing for others.

Helen Gumanti, Jakarta


Testimonial for Yoga with Silvia by Silvy Santoso

Time is precious and so are you!

Yoga with Silvia makes me realize that it is essential to make and take time to chillax my body and soul amid my busy schedule. I have come to understand my body better and enjoy how yoga helps me calm my mind!

Silvy Santoso, Jakarta


Testimonial for Yoga with Silvia by Desmawaty Herry

Yoga bersama ci Silvia di tengah pandemi membantu tubuh saya tetap terlatih dan sehat. Awal ikut, tubuh saya masih kaku. Setelah beberapa bulan ikut dengan frekuensi 1x per minggu, sekarang tubuh saya sudah lebih lentur. Keseimbangan juga jadi lebih baik. Thank you ci Silvi!

Desmawaty Herry, Jakarta