Where’s the line?

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Where’s the line?

This blog post was written way back in 2012. At that time I was still working as a Marketing Manager in a Publicly Listed Company, although apparently my conscience was questioning myself. Here’s the original post.

I used to be really passionate about brand development & brand management. I liked how brands can form a personality and I admired the great brands that live on forever.

Further down the road, I became more and more familiar with the insides of marketing, continuously trying to increase revenue of the company I work for through marketing, advertising & branding. Until I arrived to this point where I ask:

Is this really necessary? Why can’t people decide for themselves what do they really need?

Who are we (marketeers) to show them what’s good for them and try to influence them?

Why do we need to create new needs & wants?

Why do we seek the gap between dream & reality and then exploit it to our advantage?

Where does marketing ends and lying starts?

Where do we draw the line?

I haven’t figured out the answer. What do you think?


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